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Conversation with…

The person I chose to talk to about my project was our instructor Barbara Chira. I felt her experience with her work Table Talk Tuesday would be valuable to learn from when it came to my piece. I ultimately ended up communicating with her after I performed my piece, but I still value the feedback I got. One thing I really was interested in was how she felt about her piece looking back at it. I asked if her experience stood out in her mind as a valuable experience as an artist:
” I think only more time will tell. It seemed “important” during the intervention. Then when the Faculty Show, and thus the series, concluded, it faded out of my consciousness. Your questions, among some other people’s feedback and inquiries, have helped me to revisit it from time to time. A year from now, I will know more about the answer to this question.”

This gave me a really interesting perspective on my the value on the work I’m doing right now. An artist should always look back on their work.


Tell Me Something (Final Thesis)

My project will explore the idea of communication. The interaction between two human beings is vital to our personal growth as well as the growth of those around us. The concept for my project is not unlike the concept for the website PostSecret. PostSecret is a blog-based project where people confess things on artistically decorated postcards and send them off to the creator of the blog in hopes that he will post them. My project will be much more confrontational. I will be present the entire time I invite people to submit secrets. They will have to take the paper and pens, with which they will write their secrets, from my hands, and place the paper in a box directly in front of me, thereby acknowledging that they are trusting a human being with this information as opposed to just dropping it in a mailbox. One crucial point of this interaction is that I will be blindfolded. One thing I think is incredibly important in this project is anonymity. The people who participate need to feel that they are safe from their secret being divulged. There needs to be a trust. They are putting themselves in a vulnerable situation, so I will do the same, depriving myself of one of my senses. 

Walking Confessional

With my project I will be exploring the concept of communication, particularly within the concept of trust. The idea of communication is vital to the development of self and others. When we communicate we learn about each other. Often, in our communication we are guarded because we fear what those who we are communicating with will think of us. Because of this we often feel uncomfortable or tense because we have no means with which to express our true feelings. My project is based on the idea that a person is more likely to open up about something as long as anonymity is guaranteed. Therefore, I intend to create a ‘walking confessional’. I will blindfold myself and place myself in an area of heavy walking traffic. I will be holding a tray with pens, paper, and a large box. I will invite people to come up and write a secret that they have on a piece of paper and place it in the box. I will explicitly demand and assure anonymity. Through this, I hope to evoke the experience of religious reconciliation, without the judgment and the obligatory penance. I merely want to give people an opportunity to get something off of their chests by placing it into a box across mine. I will most likely give my performance either on the Case campus or the CIA campus. I intend to do so multiple times in different locations.