Conversation with…

The person I chose to talk to about my project was our instructor Barbara Chira. I felt her experience with her work Table Talk Tuesday would be valuable to learn from when it came to my piece. I ultimately ended up communicating with her after I performed my piece, but I still value the feedback I got. One thing I really was interested in was how she felt about her piece looking back at it. I asked if her experience stood out in her mind as a valuable experience as an artist:
” I think only more time will tell. It seemed “important” during the intervention. Then when the Faculty Show, and thus the series, concluded, it faded out of my consciousness. Your questions, among some other people’s feedback and inquiries, have helped me to revisit it from time to time. A year from now, I will know more about the answer to this question.”

This gave me a really interesting perspective on my the value on the work I’m doing right now. An artist should always look back on their work.


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