Tell Me Something (Final Thesis)

My project will explore the idea of communication. The interaction between two human beings is vital to our personal growth as well as the growth of those around us. The concept for my project is not unlike the concept for the website PostSecret. PostSecret is a blog-based project where people confess things on artistically decorated postcards and send them off to the creator of the blog in hopes that he will post them. My project will be much more confrontational. I will be present the entire time I invite people to submit secrets. They will have to take the paper and pens, with which they will write their secrets, from my hands, and place the paper in a box directly in front of me, thereby acknowledging that they are trusting a human being with this information as opposed to just dropping it in a mailbox. One crucial point of this interaction is that I will be blindfolded. One thing I think is incredibly important in this project is anonymity. The people who participate need to feel that they are safe from their secret being divulged. There needs to be a trust. They are putting themselves in a vulnerable situation, so I will do the same, depriving myself of one of my senses. 


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